Reader and Fan Spells

The Wizards in my books sometimes cast a spell using words that rhyme, but not always. Here is your chance to create your own spell. If it isn't obvious what the spell does, include an explanation so I can include it here.

Here is what we have so far. I'm waiting for more.!

A spell by Cat

"Cheater, Cheater Pumpkin Eater!"

(The spell makes the person eat a Pumpkin, right then and there. School rhymes aren't fun when they are used for magic.

(It makes the person's pants start on fire, like in preschool rhymes.)

A spell by Liz

"Liar, Liar Pants on fire!"

(It makes the person's pants start on fire, like in preschool rhymes.)

A spell by Mac S.

 Gigily gump
Gigily goo
I have a little something for you.

(I'm not sure what Mac's spell does.)

A spell by Gina L.

Midnight creeps along at night,
Sleeping soundly I take flight
 Happily in my world Ill be tonight.
Darkness shall not find me here,
as I hold my dreams so dear.
In my dreams there shall be no fear.

(This spell shall protect you from un-welcome dreams and thoughts.)

A magic spell by Kirsten D., Stillwater, MN:

This magic spell makes things happen particularly slow. All you have to say is "largosta". ( largoosta ) Largo means slow.

By Chuck P., Elk River High School:

A hair falls onto a black night sky
A glass tear breaks and falls through pie
A girl with metal conjures up a fly

A dream slip lost and found among a friend
Through the magic of a doctor the overbite will end
A rubber acorn falls and is lost among a bend

Thunder seals
Rubber steals
Girls eat veal

A Spell by Erin

A little book hid from sight
A bonfire shoots up at night
A little flashlight big and bright

Three little girls run over the book
Tucked away in its little nook
They hear a bang and then they look

Fire revels
Crying heals
The book unseals