Shadow Creatures

Submitted by Fans and Readers!

Thanks everyone. (Newest ones now at the top)

My comments are in green, jus like this. If something isn't 100% appropriate, I might edit it or not post it. Keep them fun. No blood and guts or gruesome deaths.

Peekersneeks, by ???. The little creatures who make you feel like someone in following and watching you.

Ah ha! So that's what made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Gaberath-Flab, By: Elizabeth Skarsten.  This creature loves to eat fairies and can make it taste whatever it wants it to taste like.  the Gaberath-Flab aslo can take control of other animals .  But this creatures 1 weakness is the screaching sound of a fairy screaming (it sounds like long nails scraching a chalk board.

Yum, I like the idea of making things taste the way you want.

Shadow, By: THE SOF!!!  He lives everywhere. He is invisible, but his SHADOW still shows. He scares everybody, even adults. He also listens to whatever I say. If he makes a problem, HE WILL fix and him alone. He is not dangerous. SHADOW is AWESOME!!


Manno by ??  Invisible, likes to help people, lives in pantry, looks like an angel

Dark Fairy by Caitlyn P.  She knows dark shadow spells. She can control your brain like it was you. She looks like an elf and she's very small with long green hair.

Be careful of people with green hair!

Bob-The-Blab-Mouth-Tickler by Amanda M.  He is always talking and tickling random people on the street. And no one knows that he's standing right next to them. And his voice is so quiet that no one can hear him talking to them. And every one is questioning of why their getting tickled.

I think one was by me yesterday, Amanda.

Wow, three four creatures by Angelina.

Horror Tapper: Loves to scare people when they watch horror films. It will do whatever is scary in the movie especially when it gets to the climax or another suspenseful part. Likes to live under the couch. Ex. If in the movie you're watching the monster always taps someone's shoulder then the Horror Tapper will tap your shoulder

Back Chiller: Makes a chill run down your back for no reason whatsoever. Loves to live in hallways where the light switch is far away.

Light Flickerer: Loves to make the light flicker and likes to live with Horror Tappers and Back Chillers. Also likes to make old TVs and stuff randomly turn off and turns them on just when the person watching gets up to see what's wrong.

Pi Guy: Loves all things math especially Pi. Will ask you math questions and if you don't answer or answer incorrectly it will talk your ear off with random math facts. To get rid of it you have to tell it about something it doesn't know about but it knows a lot of things since others have told it a lot of things in the past to get rid of it.

Cool creatures, Angelina. I don't see too many horror films, but the Back Chiller has haunted me and the Loght Flickerer might be in book 5 of The Secret Books of Gabendoor. But it might not have a name in the story.  Wow, nice work! Is PI guy 3.142857 inches high?

Moon-Creepers  by ??.  Lives on the moon and eats moon rocks. Plays hide and seek for for fun with their friend. Their friends are always fire.

Ouch! It's hot!

Givebumb, by Abby. when you sleep he takes your books and your secret things.

Hey, all my stuff is gone.

Eraser-Scritch, by Louis O. When you write anything down on a piece of paper or a white board, if you look away it will be gone.

Where did the book I was writing go?

shadow bumpers, by Faith T. They bump people in the night.

What was that? Something touched me.

Bloodhound, by Kohl.  The Bloodhound lives on blood, senses your presence and hunts you.

Yowie! Very scary!

Raskin by Parker, Capitol Hill: The Raskin is one millimeter tall. He comes to your house when you are not home and he messes up all of your stuff.

I just came home. What happened?

Do-drums by Kristen D., Stillwater, NN. This creature makes noise too much. It drives most people insane. It must belong to you for it to be silent. Only the owner can control it.

What?  I Can't hear you. It's too noisy around me.  Oh... it's a do-drums.

Kadoomarang by Brian. It has yellow eyes, ,hairy feet, eight antennae, 14 inch eyes and its total  height is 241 feet,8 inches.

Wow, that's a lot taller than me. It's a creature to look up to.

Daske by Michael in  Duluth, MN. It Can be big or small made out of darkness   A good scout or assassin. Friendly with its friends and deadly with evil!

Yikes, I hope its on my side.

A Piple, by Brandon in Duluth, MN. It makes you fly.

Wow I could use one of those when I'm late for work.

BADEE by Hannah G. He helps people get through bad times.

What a nice shadow creature, Hannah.  I hope one comes around me when things get bad.  Thanks!

Steal Socks Alot By Anonymous: For fun he steal's socks, and clothes just to see you get mad over you're favorite shirt or pant's. He takes them and you never to see them again. If he’s had a bad morning.

Is he bad at night too?

lingle-sccared, By Anonymous: He hangs around in dark places trips, or slaps you. He is the one that makes you afraid to go outside. If you make him mad he will linger set to embarrassed you or worse.

Oh, my. What could be worse?

Kullglubb, by Matthew B. Australia: The Kullglubb is very small, brown and only awakens every second full moon.  If upset it will turn dark red and enlarge by 17 centimeters in diameter.

Yikes! Sounds scary!

Biteow, by Jordan M.G.: This nasty creature is named for what it does and what you say. It breathes on you and it feels like insects biting your arms but, when you look down to scratch the feeling is gone. The biteow prefers elderly people because they take a little longer to react and move.

    Owe,,, I'd say something but... ouch... what's biting me?

Homework eater, by Madison, sun path elementary: It takes your home work and eats it. It kind of looks like a dog. He is the reason that the excuse "the dog ate my homework" is so common. Only kids can see him.

    Goodness. Think of how many kids are innocent!

Blibber-blabbers, by Amanda: They play tricks on you while you are in your room.

    Wow. Tricksters. Thanks, Amanda

Soul taker, by Parrish: A shadow creature that goes into people and takes over their bodies for a little while. It likes to tell you stuff while it’s in your body

    Thanks, Parris. What do they tell you?

A Shadow Seeker, by Elmer. It will take your soul and let you go then will hunt you down again.

    I bet it never stoops.

Gobler Snipper, by Aro: A bulldog shadow that can tiptoe and steal cookies off the table when no one is looking.

    Hey, where did my cookies go.

Fry Pan Man, by Allison: He doesn’t know anything, not even his own name. He runs around screaming, “I’m a chicken, so eat me.” When someone tries to eat him he hits them in the head with a frying pan. He appears out of nowhere.

    Fried or Baked?

Carrot Ferret Parrot Barrett, by Allison: He is mean, ugly, stupid, fat, weird and brags about weird things! He loves his name and he loves the color pink! (eww)

    Sounds like a guy I met today.

Barbie girl: Made of shadow plastic and has a shadow friend named Ken


Funny Monster, by Katie. He is so funny that he makes people laugh till they wet their pants

    Ha.. he..ho... he.. I can't stop laughing.

Hogger Frogger, by Shay He makes you hog everything no matter what and makes you act like a frog

    Wow, that's one to stay away from, Shay

A Bandageblurr, by Ethan. A Bandagerblurr uses anything it can to make a bandage for you if you are injured. The only problem is that if there are lots of germy things around, a Banageblurr might use those things to make a bandage from.

Thanks, Ethan. I like this one. I saw a banana peel a few minutes ago. I hope a Bandageblurr doesn't use that for a bandage.

Amber-shadow, by anonymous: Breaks your promises.

Uguly Puggly, bu Elatie: It has a horn 10 times its size and it likes pie!

    I like pie too.

Chisel, by Katie: It's black and red. It creeps out in the night. It holds soles in his stomach.

    Yow! I'm staying in tonight.

Scraper, by Jordan: Beware of the scrapers they are close, are titanium and they have zoom in eyes that can go up to 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times and can turn invisible and can run 9,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,mph.

    Wow, they are fast, Jordan.

Unnamed creature, by Eric: It eats anything. VEEEEERRRRRRYYY SCARY!!!


Midnight, by: Violet: It comes out at night. It likes to eat Chinese food. It likes to play at night or in dark places.

    Yum. I like Chinese food. I might run into one.

Thereitasko (or any weird name), by Allison, Valley View Elementary: He gets super mad when you pronounce his name wrong but then 24 seconds later it pronounces its own name wrong and gets mad at its self then 34 seconds later he doesn't remember anything and makes up a new name .(even harder to pronounce than Thereitasko!)

    Wow, glad my name is easy --Mike [A note to Allison. Sorry, I lost your other one where you didn't know what it did, or it did anything it likes. Send it again and I'll add it to the list.]


A Fhjskgbfhdsjfhdjfhsnsaolru, by Allison, Valley View Elementary. Argkriaebgaurkglnhjbaeijn is its mom’s name, Rujmeuheuwioehfud is its dads name and Fhjskgbfhdsjfhdjfhsnsaolru, its name. It makes people forget names.

    Nice work, Allison

Smudger Sam, by Allison, Valley View Elementary. It smudges up the t.v. and computer screen, and anything else that can be smudged! Then it gets you in trouble for it.

    I can't see what you submitted. My monitor is smudged.

J. Michael Blumer by Allison, Valley View: He thinks a magical book of second chances actually exists!

     Wow, now I'm a creature.

A Holy Hazel, by Allison: She’s the sweetest creature you will ever meet! She bakes you cookies when your hungry, she makes all of your bad thoughts and dreams just disappear, and she’ll help you with your math homework!!!

     Will it write my books for me too?

Dead Bell by William M., Columbia Heights: You don’t see or hear him.

    I haven't heard or seen one either.

Glober Gloober, by Delena, Columbia Heights: Spills every time it talks and moves.

    One just spilled my coffee.

Boycrazy, by Katie, Columbia Heights: My creature is boy crazy when ever it sees a boy it goes boy crazy.

    How crazy is that.

SHARA Cat Clan, by Alex: She is a loyal friend and she is a cat clan. She loves spells and portals. She is smarter than all the Cat Clans but she is only five. She is actually a person and is one of my best friends. She pretends to be Cat Clans with me and my other best friend, Ally!

    Pretending and a great imagination is what makes a great fiction writer.

 Valley View School Slurper, by  Hunter B.: It slurps Valley View and the Kids in it and it looks like a toad. (Slightly edited).

    Does it eat homework?

Funkey Monkey by Hunter B.: It moves it to grove it, dancing with his bananas and loves disco songs.

    I’d like to see it, but I’m too busy dancing.

 Tippy by Alex: It is waiting to be bought. It is a dog dragon. Once you buy it, it looks so cute. Then once you put it in your house, and you go take out the trash or something like that, it messes up your house and it makes you give it a treat!!!!!!!!

    Sounds like my dog.

Asland, by Alex: It loves to fly with its wings, looks and acts like a tiger, is friendly and always going on adveturs. It lives in the forest in a cave or tree high above. His favorite friends are dragons, and lions. It is fearless and loves to protect his family.

    Good creature

The lizard with x-ray eyes, by Alex: It goes in the dirt and lives there and if you’re over it, the lizard can see your bones.

    He'd make a good doctor.

Laser spider, by Bailey R.: It slowly crawls but makes sure you don’t see it. It has a canon on its back and the eyes are lasers. It slowly goes behind you and first it shots the lasers behind your head and then the canon and booooommmmm you’re scared almost to death!!!! (edited slightly).

    Must be tiny.

Burpzila, by Bailey R.: It swallows people whole. It is only 6 inches tall and it looks like a mini dragon. Once it swallows you it burps you back up. (slightly edited.)

    Must have an expandable stomach.

Morpher, by Alex: Once it sees you it morphs and it looks, talks, sounds, and acts like you.

    This is not me with a reply, it's a morph that is pretending to be me.

Love spells, by Katie L. Columbia Heights: My shadow creature casts love spells on people who like each other even if they are not going out. The love spell will make them go out and will not ware off for 5 years.

    Sounds a bit like Cupid to me.

Shadow Bunny, by Brady P., Columbia Heights: It’s a big pink Easter bunny that hops around in a chicken suit and smashes 100 year old eggs on peoples head then licks them off and burps in their face.


Shadowchuck, by Allison and Akatho, Columbia Heights: The Shadowchuck is very fat and in love with a tree names weeping willow. They call the Shadowchuck “Willow” for short. The tree has 50,000 children with weird names. The Shadowchuck’s job is to eat things. 

    That’s a lot of “twigs” to feed.

 Girl giggles, by Katie L., Columbia Heights: This creature gives boys girl giggles. The funny part is, it’s a boy that gives girl giggles to other boys.

    Wow, complicated.

Funky Monkey, by David B., Columbia Heights: This shadow creature is a stinky monkey. When it finds a banana it throws it in the air and it falls on him and he claps his hands.

    I eat like that sometimes.

 Inky-niky, by Akatho, Columbia Heights: This shadow creature is pink. It has a lot of energy. It makes people smile. It’s funny and likes to tell jokes.

    Ha… ha… hee… heee..

City citty, by Anonymous, Columbia Heights. This shadow creature goes around and takes money.

    That’s why I’m broke.

Cola, By Hunter B.: It has a jet pack and drinks cola all day.

    Hmm... shadow creatures are hard to see. Look up for this one.

BLUBER PUBER, by Hunter B.: It forms into a netting.

    Wow, I bet it captures things too.

Clincky dongs, by Lorryn: They walk up to a bell and it rings.

    Fun! I like ones that make sounds.

Shade, by Nathaniel, Valley View Elementary: Once it kills something it can take over its skin.

    I want to keep my skin.

Nikyb, by Akatho: She has light purple paws pink ears and light blue fur.

    Nice color combination. Cute!

Red Eyes Creature, by Ivan: Walks in the hallways at night.

    I've seen those, Ivan.

A Crpe Follower, by Elizabeth, Valley View Elementary: It follows you ever wear you go and does not let you make decisions.

    I can't decide what to say about this.

Tiger whisper by Elizabeth, Valley View Elementary: It whispers in your ear and takes your ideas from you so you do not now what you’re saying any more.

    I have no idea what I was going to type.

Wildcat by Elizabeth, Valley View Elementary: A cat that comes out during the night and scares people and so when you wake up it will be right in front of you.

    Whoa... that would be a shock.

Soul Taker, by Nathaniel, Valley View Elementary:  Takes souls for no reason.


Monkey Face, by Van and David, Valley View Elementary: It shakes its nose at you. (Edited by J. Michael Blumer).

Ant flying Object, Valley View Elementary: Never says “yes, cute, or stupid.”

    Wonder what it does say.

Ugly, Valley View Elementary: It is very ugly.


Hair Merps, by David B., Valley View Elementary: When they see a person they touch them and there hands make a lot of hair grow on the person.

    I really like this one. Nice work, David.

Blobe, by Keshawn, , Valley View Elementary: Makes the world vanish then come back.

    Wow, does the moon stay visible or not?

Cedric the beach shadow, by Cedric S., Valley View Elementary: when you go to the beach watch out because the shadow will eat you.

    I hope it brushes its teeth.

Night shadow, by David B., Valley View Elementary: At night he hides in the shadows then when he finds a person walking around he pops out of the shadows and scares them.

    Wow! Not a nice surprise.

Banter Buts, by Ernest D., Valley View Elementary: Banter buts climbed up a tree and found a four leaf clover and his friend came by and said can i use it for a minuet and Banter buts said, no, no, your not taking my four leaf clover, at all, no way your not really taking mine, are you really going to taking it, are you. Because this is mine four leaf clover, this is really mine it is still mine.

    Great! Almost a story in itself, here.

Natie, by Nikolaus, Valley View Elementary: It can tie you up and turn you into a shadow creature.

    Wow, a dangerous shadow.

Creper, by Nikolaus, Valley View Elementary: It steals prize puzzles.

    Hey, don't take mine.

 HaggerNaruto, by Nikolaus, Valley View Elementary: He can steal any soul that he sees.

    I wonder what he does with them all?

Hope, by Ruth, Valley View Elementary:  It comes out at night but it doesn't hurt people it protects them it also like to be around and help people it's a kind creature it only likes nice people not evil people like Fistlock.

    Very nice, Ruth. P.S. Hope you enjoy the book. Check the comments in the Fan section. You wanted a reply but didn't list your email.

Mind Sucker, by Paige Q., Valley View Elementary:  He only comes out at night. He is extremely silent. He is 10 feet tall and he only eats brains. He sucks it out of your skull.

    Does he use a straw?

Make-O-Man, by Alex, Valley View Elementary: It can make anything you want.

    Wow! Can is make my bed?

 Starburst Tatty, by Kristen, Valley View Elementary: Makes dogs wild around other animals.

    My dog was haunted by one of these sometimes.

 Ugly Shadow, by Jessica R., Valley View Elementary: It is really ugly and fat and really mean and so stingy and a really big pig.

    Are you sure? Really?  Nice work.

Pacman, by Alec, Valley View Elementary:  He eats people.

    What does he like for dessert?

 Dodj, by Coli, Valley View Elementary: Fancy pants (edited by Mr. Blumer)

    Good one, Coli. I did have to change it just a bit. Hope you don't mind.

Blinking Bats, by Mrs. Collins, Valley View Elementary: Always the practical jokers, they can make you blink your eyes the instant a picture is taken by fluttering their wings on your eyelashes as the camera flash is going off.

    Ha! A classic. I love it. I wonder if they live in cameras? Thank you.

 Brainy, by Mariah G., Valley View Elementary: She is smarter then anybody. Her brain is bigger than anyone else’s is. She is 5 years old and in the 12th grade.

    Wow! Very smart, I'd say.

 Scar face, by Tymandra W., Valley View Elementary: She has a scar on the right side of her face. You cannot see her and she cannot see you, but she can smell fear and when she smells fear, she will suck your soul right out of your body and give you a scar on the right side of YOUR FACE .

    Yikes, but maybe that is better than a tattoo.

Clanchers, by Carlyn G., Valley View Elementary: A spirit of a horse made of bones. The spirit horses carry the more important creatures around. The best ones have leathery dragon wings and can breathe fire. They are also black.

    Very creative. Have you thought of turning the idea into a story?

Attitude stealers, by Jessica M., Valley View Elementary: What it does is it steals your attitude and controls it. It often suddenly makes you mad, but then when it disappears you don't know why.

    Boy, I had one of those bother me in high school.

Fluber, by Alec, Valley View Elementary: He is green and mean. He throws flaming spikes. He is on the loose!!!! Be careful.

    I will be careful...I will!

Dragon keeper, by Foua, Valley View Elementary: The dragon keeper is sometimes really dangerous but most of the time it sleeps and snores really loud. It is the sound you hear when your grandpa is sleeping.

    Ha! This is a great one. I think my wife is haunted by one. Don't tell her I said that.

Killoua, by Abdirahman, Valley View Elementary: It can breathe fire and it has long claws. It looks like a dragon.

    Wouldn't want to make one of those mad at me.

 The firewind-iceground dragon, by Yiga, Valley View Elementary: When it breathes it can blow fire and wind. When it gets mad, it will turn you into statue and freeze.

    Yikes! K-k-k-eep it away!

 Silla Milla, by Anonymous: he tickles any person he sees and he is crazy. (Edited by Mr. Blumer)

    I'll give a crazy laugh to that one.

Cheeseymon, by Colton W., Valley View Elementary: Lives in old moldy cheese. It makes kids not eat cheese.

    I think one did that to me. Now I'm older and like cheese.

 Food Creator, by Alonso, Valley View Elementary: It can create food for people to eat at any time. It only works in the dark.

    What a nice creature. Does it take requests?

 Raven, by Sabrina, Valley View Elementary: Is a nice big mean grumpy bird who only comes out at night.

    I have an uncle who is like that.

Darzal, by Nicholas T., Valley View Elementary: It is a shade that if it sees you he can control you.

    I need to be invisible.

Amoeba, by Matthew, Valley View Elementary: When he touches something he can take the form of the thing or gets its power.

    If I touch one will it write my next book for me?

Summonier, by JT, Valley View Elementary: They're souls that creep around casting spells on you when you’re not looking.

    I’ll keep my eyes open for that one.

Tigerwoods, by Robin, Valley View Elementary: It likes to eat wood and it has sharp nails.

    Would it eat my pencil?

Candy man number 2, by Cedric S., Valley View Elementary: Steals your candy, eats it, and throws it up on you.

    Yuck. Spoiled my lunch.

Stinky tooth jr., by Keshawn, Valley View Elementary: Makes peoples houses melt.

    What about apartments?

Chapter, by Anonymous, Valley View Elementary: He sneaks in your house and eats your food.

    No wonder all the food is gone.

Chimple, by Brady, Valley View Elementary: Big, fat, hairy, black and blue.

    But what does it do? Hey, that rhymes with black and blue.

Monkey bo, by David B., Valley View Elementary: It steals peoples bananas and shoots them at people.

    Duck! It's a banana coming in.

Stinky tooth, by Van, Valley View Elementary: Makes your breath stink really bad.

    Where is my toothpaste?

Naughty kitty, by Kaile, Valley View Elementary: It will keep you up forever and ever.

    Glad I have dogs. Yawn... I've been up forever.

Light-flikers, by James G.: They flick the lights when you are scared. They live in the walls.

    Hey, what happened. Who turned out the lights? Oh, thanks, James. Now I know.

Blub by Nikolaus, Columbia Heights Elementary, MN: He can take over things so the at people cannot see him. Once it sees something, he takes over its body to get to places to destroy (even humans).

    I hope one doesn't take over me. I still have books to write. Thanks, Nikolaus.

Snicker Squirrel, by Tina, Columbia Heights Elementary, MN: The Snicker Squirrel laughs at everything you say. They look like a porcupine but can jump and climb like a squirrel.

    I guess I wouldn't want to pet one. Yikes! Thanks, Tina.

Sneaky Bear, by Denesha D., Columbia Heights Elementary, MN: The Sneaky Bear laughs at the ground because he smells like a pig and laughs like a pig too.

    Whew.... what smells? Oh, it's a Sneaky Bear, right over there. Thanks Denesha.

Monster shadow, by Samuel, Columbia Heights Elementary, MN: The monster shadow is a shadow creature that turns nice and cool shadows into bad and scary shadows.

    No wonder I'm shivering right now, Samuel.

Itchamacallit, by Tara T., Columbia Heights Elementary, MN: When you come in contact with it, you know it, by your constant need to scratch your itches. You will also notice red welts along with that itchiness!

    I'm itching just thingking about it. Good one, Tara. (P.S. my daughter's name is Tara.)

Spickyspike, by Steven Michael C., Columbia Heights Elementary, MN: He eats little kids and he is never seen.

    I'm glad I'm grown up. It won't come after me! Thanks, Steven.

Creepy crawler, by Alicia, Columbia Heights Elementary, MN: He is friends with the boogieman and the scariest creature in the world. He crawls under your bed at midnight when you are sleeping and he jumps out and scares you to death.

    I'm not afraid of the boogieman. Yikes! What was that?  Good one Alicia. 

Creepy crawler 2, by Allyssa, Columbia Heights Elementary, MN: At midnight he comes out during the darkness and it sucks the blood out of you and if he is very hungry he will eat your body.

    I hope he's not hungry. A good creature, Allyssa.

LIGHTNING OBZORBER, by Kyle L., Valley View Elementary, MN: It orbits any light around it.

    You're making me dizzy, Kyle. I think I'm getting . . . . .  Okay. I'm better now. A dizzying thought, Kyle.

Mr. Goggels,  by Arayah F., Valley View Elementary, MN:  It's a he and he is only 4 years old and he tries to take other kids names and identities because he doesn't know what his is.

    Oh..oh... What will happen when he's five?  Scary thought, Arayah. Thanks.

Freedy Friday, by Jesse M., Valley View Elementary, MN: He comes out every Friday to find his jewels and if he doesn't find them by 12:00 he will get older but smarter. Then he makes bad things happen to Fifth graders like tripping, passing gas in class, burping, and things worse.

    What if I'm a 25th grader?  I'm staying in on Fridays. Thanks Jesse. See you on any other day!

Mr. Googlely, by Allyssa, Valley View Elementary, MN: He looks at you and hypnotizes you. Then your eyes google!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha...Ha...ha

    You are under my power. You are under my power. "Bonk" Hey, I just woke up. I was hypnotized. A fun one, Allyssa.

Mind Reaper Sekker, by Reginald, Valley View Elementary, MN: Takes control of your mind until nightfall and they will be in control of you until you destroy their master, Ino Yamanaka.

    I hope he's safe in the daytime. Wow!  Good work, Reginald.

Quatomo, by Lindsey N., Valley View Elementary, MN: He can never get a spell right. The result is allways the opposite of the spell.

    Ha!  Funny. That could be disastrous. Creative work, Lindsey.

Sleep Controllers, by JT, Valley View Elementary, MN: Sleep Controllers control you if your asleep. The only way to stop them is to walk into a wall.

    I'm always bumping into walls. Maybe that's what's wrong with me. What do you think, JT?

Bad Angel, The Mean Eater, The Mean Jasmine, by Anonymous, Valley View Elementary, MN.

    Great names. What do they do?

Dream Catcher, by Itzel G., Valley View Elementary, MN: It caches nightmares from children and gives them a new happy dream. Also it can talk to you in you dreams and gives and tells you what you are doing good and bad. It also doesn't let you forget about him or her because then he or she is like a sister or a brother to you.

    Um... I hope it doesn't tell my mother!  Thanks, Itzel. Nice work!

Inner Sakura, by Reggie, Valley View Elementary, MN: Inner Sakura is a good witch, but she has an evil side that's after her body. She has has no intentions of hurting anyone, or even Sakura. But she wants the body and will stop at nothing to get the body and the best healing chakra in the world.

    Gee... Which side of the Witch is which?  Fun one, Reggie.

Shadow-glumps question from Rodrigo, Valley View Elementary, MN: Is a Shadow-glump bad or good? And is a Shadow-glumps quick? Because it said in a paragraph that a Shadow-glump looks quick.

They're all different, I think. Some are fast, some slow. They're hard to see and watch, so I'm not sure. What do you think, Rodrigo?

Hbjdbhcgkjbhkcgnjgnbkjfgh, by Allyss, Valley View Elementary, MN: He is the meanest thing you can come across. He can throw his razor sharp claws and you will no longer be around. With one stare he can take the living soul out. B-B-beware.

    Yikes! Keep him away!  Please! Very scary, Allyss. How do you pronounce it?

Mr. Ganagulmint ( nicknames is bobaloooooo), by Jasmine, Valley View Elementary, MN: Black with white spots, six eyes, 3 noses, and has purple hair, and is shaped like a square. He says he's very pretty, but not every body thinks that.

    Hm.... What do you think, Jasmine?

Crawlers, by Samantha. Valley View Elementary, MN: Things that crawl across the floor; so we think. Shapes move and catch your attention. When you look, nothing is there.

    Hey! I just looked. You're right! Scary, Samantha.

Creeps, by Holly K., Valley View Elementary, MN: It has dull claws. It has a problem of getting scared at night when he is supposedly scaring night mares to others.

    Neat! I think that's how most shadow creatures are. Very perceptive, Holly.

Mr. Nelson, by Lindsey N., Valley View Elementary, MN: He is a crabby one . When one person goes on his lawn, he puts a spell on them. He eats nails for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and even for snacks. His first name is Jr. He is dumb but smart.

    I had a neighbor like that once. Great idea, Lindsey.

Miss. Lady, by Brooke, Valley View Elementary, MN: Miss. Lady is a plane old teacher, but after school is out she is a life saver. She is a magic person. She has a special pencil for magic. By By. See you latter.

    Cool! I'd love a pencil like that. Very creative, Brook.

Flame Spikier, by Patrick B. Coon Rapids, MN: The creature has spikes that can shoot out and prickle you. It also can breathe fire and the spikes also burn when they hit their target. I go to Valley View I hope I see you at our school.

    Ouch! keep it away. Great job, Patrick.

Scratch giggler, by Jessica S., Shakopee MN: They will scratch you, but when they do, you will see they made a funny
picture on your body. Then they start giggling about it. If you don't know what they did, you might start to freak out or something. The only way it will go away is if you believe and guess what they made on you.

Wow! Very itchy and creative, Jessica.

Off-beat, by Stephanie

What does it do, Stephanie?

Corrupted Shadow, by Anonymous: Shadow creatures the Prince of Darkness corrupted and uses for his army. The Corrupted Shadows hate the light and seek out to destroy the 5 other elementals, the only ones who could seal the Prince away forever. They are very fast, sneaky, and deadly. They have pure glowing red eyes and enormous fangs; approx. 6-12 in.


Lil kidd, by Alan

What does it do, Alan?

Noterob, by Stephanie: Likes to steal notebooks and journals whenever someone sets them down. Sometimes you can find your missing notebook/journal a few months later if you're lucky.

Oh, No! Keep it away from my notes for my next book! Nice work, Stephanie.

Dancing Kitten, by Ellen: Has sharp teeth, nice to some people, likes to eat, is good at dancing, likes to play sometimes, hates to sleep, is a good pet for some people, never runs away, and eats a ton!

Great idea, Ellen.

Health Snatcher, by Lachlan Mcgregor:

Ouch!. Good one, Lachlan

Mirage,  by Lacky the Great: Makes you see things that aren't there and makes you go totally insane.

Hey, Lacky. My kids think I have that one.

Spiney Book eater, by Book Factory Members: Lives in the spine of a book and muddles up the words to give everyone nightmares.

This one haunts me when I write.

Renderwell, by Tara: They steal items from the Scritch and try to return them to their owner. For example, if a Scritch steals your car keys, a Renderwell will steal them from the Scritch and put them in a place where the rightful owner can find them. Unfortunately, it's usually a place the owner would never have thought to look in the first place, so sometimes the item is never found.

Thanks, Tara.  See you at a book signing.

Death Wish, by Maddie & Jessy: It has magic powers so you can't put down the book. As soon as you finish the book... well read the title! The only the way to get around the curse is to stab the book with a feather of a phoenix.

Wow! Thanks Maddie &Jessy.  Sounds like a book I'd want to have facing backwards on my book shelf.

Shadow Demon, by anonymous:

Sounds fearsome.

Killer, by Bre M

Yikes! Scary, Bre.

Oggily Boogily, by Jordan

Wow, what does it do, Jordan?

Sinistrom, by Ethan

Hm.... Sinister sounding, Ethan.

Brain slug, by Ethan

Oh, my, Ethan!

Gas Guzzler, by Sun Path

Is it in my car?

Baby Bug, by anonymous

So tiny!

Snakecat, by  Madison Fortune: Snake head, cat body with no legs.

Does it bite, Madison?

Taveral, by Ethan: A creature of the night, it is just an annoying dog. If you ever come across one it will continue barking at you. If you get annoyed by it try your best to ignore it otherwise it will get bigger and not stop following you.

I'll never go out again, Ethan!

Plantkill, by Alayna: It goes into plants and sucks the life out of them.

Glad I'm human, Alayna.

Wolfcat, by Drake Fraser

Drake, does it howl or purr?

Munch Mulcters and Snack-daddlers, by Casey H. & Ben H.  Snack-daddlers sneak into the bag of chips or candy that your eating and make them  disappear really fast when you KNOW you could not possibly have eaten that many. Munch Mulcters -- When you have hidden a secret stash of snacks and they are gone (or mostly gone) when you visit that stash when curled up with your favorite book, you
know you have been visited by a Munch Mulcter.

Wow... Makes me hungry!

Wind Scal, by Joe. Wind Scals control the wind and how fast it blows.

I think there are more of them in winter!