Fan Club Comments & Letters

Dear Michael,
Thank you for coming to my school! I can't wait until you are going to be doing a writing project with my classmates and I. When my teacher started to read "The Book Of Second Chances", I didn't know that I would be getting to meet the author too! I really liked the first book that you wrote. I haven't read the second book yet though. My question is, how many books are you going to be writing in the series? Thanks again.

Kenzie, in 4th grade

Hi, Kenzie. I am so pleased to have the chance to work with you and all your classmates. It's always a big thrill for me to young readers and writers like yourself. To answer your question, I have a contract with my publisher to write at least 5 books in the Secret Books of Gabendoor series. So far, here is what I have:

I also have another series that I started before I began the Gabendoor Series. It's one long story that will take at least 5 books to finish just one story! Right now I call it Amarath, The Birth of Magic.

It's about a teenage boy named Daran and his friend Gilmer. There are three colors of magic that come from stones that are alive. The stones adopt Daran and talk to him in his head. Magic comes to the world. Daran must learn how to use it and the magic must learn to work with people. When I finish the Gabendoor series I'll go back and work on the Amarath story. I really want to start editing what I have and work on the story. I want to know how it all ends myself.

Thanks so much for your question. I'll see you at Marine.



Thanks for the book you gave me when you came to our school. You gave me the Book of Twisted Truths. twisted
truths. A quick question,  how long does it take you to make a chapter?


Hi Carmen,
Thanks for your question and I'm glad you are enjoying my book.
Writing a chapter takes me about two or three days, only working on it for about an hour each time. To make it good, I edit it several times until I'm sure it's my best work. Then I let it sit for about a month to get it out of my head. Then I check it one more time.
I hope that answers your question. See you again this Thursday.

Mike Blumer

Hi! I love your books! I go to Anderson school. I liked meeting you in person! Thanks for the dream-slip. It's cool! good luck on your 5th book!

--love, Mandy

Thanks, Mandy. Your class was awesome.

How many books will you write? I love your books. They are the best.


Thanks, Soren. I'll write at least 5 books for the Gabendoor series and then more about another world.

I just got book one and I'm so excited to read it. I always sleep with my dream slip on that you gave me at the carnival. I'm in Mrs. Blumer's class.


Thanks, Parker. I hope you enjoy your book and have great adventures in your dreams!

Oh my goodness Iím sooo happy to have you back at Valley View. I canít wait. I love your books I cant wait to buy The Book Of Broken Promises


 Thanks, Amanda. If you see me at your school, remind me you sent me the message above and I will try to give you a trading card or something special,


Dear Mike, My class just finished The Book of Second Chances today. I love your work! This was a great book. I can tell my class loved it too! My favorite characters always die! I love the sally-forth girls! But I love how you threw in the twist that Mrs. Christensen-Forth adopted the three! Can't wait to get you new book and read it!


Thanks, Alayna. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Watch for the triplets in book two. They're still around.


Your book is cool!


Thanks, William. Glad you liked it.


Hey I'm Ruth, remember the one you gave a book to when I was signing my name? I just want to say thanks for coming to our school and thanks a lot for the book you gave me.


I'm glad you enjoyed my presentation and hope you enjoy my book too. I was impressed with how polite you were and how you took the time to patiently wait to sign my guest book, and how you were paging through my book. All of that impressed me and is why I gave you the book. You seem like a fine girl and you have great things ahead of you.


Thank you for coming to our school and talking about your new book. Some of my favorite things of the book were the triplets, Fernbark, and the magic book.

Later on in the week, I won a signed book that you gave to the school. I started to read it and got half way through it. Iím hoping to finish by the end of the month. I also want to finish it by then because my friends and classmates are bugging me because they want to read itÖugh.

My favorite character is Fernbark because he canít rhyme. My other favorite characters are Molly Folly Sallyforth, Tillie Truly Sallyforth and Nelly Never Sallyforth. Nelly is my favorite though, because she never means what she says.




Thank you for your kind comments. I like Nelly Never Sallyforth too. I guess Iím really Fernbark because Iím the one who couldnít rhyme when I wrote his spells. 

Thank you so much for coming to my school to tell us about your book. I think it is so intriguing. I am going to buy one. My most thought about question is if your friend didnít ask you to write the short story, would you have ever written any book?

The thing that makes me most excited to read your book is probably reading about Fernbark. He seems so funny.

Once again, thanks for coming.

Your Fan,



Thatís an excellent question. I donít think I would have written this story if my friend had not asked. Life is strange some ways. I would have written other books, but not this series. 

Thank you for coming out here and telling us about your book. I think it was nice of you to come out here. What made you want to write? I like to write mini stories or scary stories. Did you want to become an author when you were a kid?

Yours truly,



I didnít think about being an author when I was a kid but always liked to write. Maybe if an author had come to my school, I would have started writing books earlier in life. Thank you for your thoughtful question.

That book that you wrote was amazing and I mean amazing and it felt like I was actually there. I think you are a wonderful writer and a wonderful thinker. I havenít read ďThe Book of Second ChancesĒ yet, but someday I hope I could read it. I hope that you have good luck making those books.

Yours truly,


Thanks for your kind words. The most important thing to me is being able to use words to bring some fun to other people. Iím so glad my visit was something that was fun for you.

I like the way you read the book to us. You have lots of details in your book. Youíve really made me want to write a book. Iíve already got the name for it. Itís going to be an action packed detailed book.

Your fan,



Keep writing! Thatís what I did. After a lot of writing that wasnít very good, I got better. Finally I got published. You can too.

Thanks for sharing with me.

Thank you so very much for coming to our school. I had a great time. My favorite part was when you read part of your book. It made me what to read the whole book. My favorite character is Hillary.

I have always wanted to be a writer, but I always thought it would never happen. After listening to you I think it could.




My daughterís name is Tara. If you want to be a writer, remember that not everything you write will be good, but everything you write will help you get better and better. Stick with it! Some day I might come to have you sign one of your books for me! 

I am very intrigued by your style of writing. My favorite part was when you read to us. You are also very considerate.




Thanks for your comments. They help me when I have days when I think I canít write anything. I like reading out loud, but I had to practice a bunch! I was nervous at your school. You are all such good students. P.S. If I got your name wrong, let me know and Iíll fix it.

I really enjoyed your visit to Sun Path School. I bet you have some new young admirers. One of my favorite parts as the boy and girl breaking the spell on the Book of Second Chances. Also my favorite character is Fernbark because he couldnít come up with a good rhyme. With your visit I was somewhat inspired to write. To conclude, I hope you enjoyed your visit to Sun Path Elementary



P.S Iím planning on getting your book.


Thanks for planning to get my book. I really hope you like it. I had a lot of fun writing it and had so much fun at Sun Path. What? I only ďsomewhat inspired you to write?Ē  I hope you like writing and use it as a gift throughout your life, even if you donít write a book. If you do, save a copy for me. 

I really thought that you were so thoughtful because the school didnít pay you to come here and you still came and you gave us little gifts. I really liked the title. You were so creative. I also liked the names, but the one I liked the most was Molly Folly Sallyforth. I liked the poem and thank you for coming to our school!




I wasnít worried about any pay for coming. I was worried that I would put you all to sleep with a boring presentation. You all made me feel welcome once I got there. Molly Folly is one of my personal favorites too. I might feature her in book five. 

I thought those trading cards were hilarious, especially Bitterbrun. Heís worth millions!! Anyway, thanks for coming. I liked your performance.

Your fan,



Iím glad you liked the trading cards. I made them myself. It was a lot of fun. Bitterbrun plays a big part in book two. Will that make him worth two million? Thanks for your comments. 

You have inspired me to write more! I enjoy reading books. When I read stories like this, itís not like Iím reading. Itís like play. You donít know what will happen next. Hope to see your book in stores soon.

A big fan,


P.S What will happen next? Donít tell me. I want to read the book!


Iíll never give away the endings. That takes all the fun out. But I will let you in on a secret about the second book. What happens is, gityp jouíay gyqpwk iti aoa touou nva;r!  OopsÖ Sorry. My fingers got shifted over on the keyboard. Oh well. I guess this secret is safe. Write MORE! 

I really liked hearing about your book. I write books too. Theyíre called ďCrazy Monkey.Ē Iíve been writing them since 3rd grade. I hope my stories will get to be as good as yours.




Wow, maybe Iíll come to your book signing some day! That would be so cool! My first stories were fun to write but stunk! I kept at it and learned a lot. Finally I got better and then good enough to get published. It was a lot of very hard work, but work I am very glad I did. Thanks for your note. 

I thank you for coming to our school and telling about your book. Your book sounds very interesting to me. Your book is very creative and fun too. I wonder how many copies of your book have been sold so far?

Why was the Book of Second Chances show dragons?




Iíve been waiting for this question if you mean on the cover of my book, the globe shows a land that looks like an upside down dragon. I kept quiet about it just waiting for someone to notice. Itís just there because I wanted to have some fun. And because I thought the world of Gabendoor is a magical place full of mystery. And, hey! Who knows if there are dragons on Gabendoor or not?

I liked your presentation. You did a good job presenting your book to us. Maybe one day I will write a book. I think my favorite character was Molly.

Yours truly,



Molly is one of my favorites. It was fun making her up. At first I wanted give her a smaller role. But she came alive in my head and just took off on her own, becoming what she wanted to be in the story. WhewÖ sheís hard to handle. Iím glad you like her. 

Thank you for the great presentation on your new book. I really canít wait to get my own book. I also really liked the character Molly Folly Sallyforth. She was the best. Even though I donít have the book, I will soon. I thought it was really sweet of you to come and spend all day with children. Do you like to show people your books?

Yours truly,



Thanks for your letter. I do like showing people my book, but not because I think Iím a big shot writer. I like to because I hope that reading my book will put some fun in their life while they are reading. If even one person enjoys it, thatís all I need to make up for all the hard work. I like spending time in schools because you are all so much more creative than me. I have to work hard at coming up with new things. I think itís easier to dream up endless possibilities when you are young. 

I really enjoyed you coming to Sun Path. It made the day a blast. Not just that, but it also let us miss science and social studies. Iíve been wondering, have you done this thing in other schools? If so, you must be a really busy man. I canít wait to read your books.

Your new fan,



What? You got out of science? Oh well. Iím glad that I could provide something interesting for youíre your day. Thanks for the question. Sun Path is the first school I have given a presentation to. I hope it went well and want to do it with other schools. I had a blast even though I didnít get to skip a class.

Thank you so much for coming to my school. Iím rally excited to read one of your books. They sound really good. My favorite part was when they went to that place in the woods and came back later to explore, but they got scared, grabbed the book and ran.

Thank you,



That scene was hard to write. Iím glad you liked it. I needed a spell that sounded unbreakable, yet needed to find a way for Windslow and Hillary to undo it. WhewÖ writing is full of challenges. I hope you enjoy my book. Thanks for your very kind note. 

Thank you so much for coming to our school to talk to us about your book. It was very kind of you to hand out prizes. My favorite part was when you read part of your book to us. When do your books come out in book stores? I canít wait to read your books!

Thank you,



Iím pleased that you enjoyed my visit. If was fun to hand out prizes and I wish I could have given something to everyone. Publishing is a funny business. My books wonít be on any shelves unless they become popular. But, how can they become popular if they arenít on the book store shelves? HmÖ The way that happens is by visiting schools and have them enjoy your story. Thanks for helping with that.

P.S. Any book store can order it for you. 

 I enjoyed your visit. I liked how you read an excerpt of your book. Itís very creative. The way you made your characters and everything else. Itís not everyday that an author will come to our school. You are a great author.

Thank you,



Making up character names is one of the fun parts about writing. I like to make things up. Making up an interesting story is hard work! Thanks for calling me a great author. I hope I am someday. For now, I just hope to be a good author. A pleasure to meet you. 

You are my favorite author. I think you should travel the world. Your book could inspire pirates because the Book of Second Chances is like treasure. I am your #1 fan. I came home with your signature and put it in a picture frame. Itís hanging in my room. Youíre the best author I know. Thank you for coming to our school. Thatís nice how you thought of us and came over.

Your number 1 fan,

P.S Thanks for the door hanger.

(signed) ?? DÖ

I couldnít read your name! Let me know and I can fix this. I would love to travel the world, but hmÖ. when would I find time to write. Maybe while sailing around the world? That would be fun.  I am so flattered that you framed my signature. I hope I do become famous someday so that you can go on Antiques Road Show on television and they can tell you itís worth enough that you can buy a pirate ship! 

You have inspired me to write more and think of a story that is so awesome, just like your book. I am so happy you came because now everybody knows what to do to stay in the business. It is so cool that you have all these things to help. You have cool dreams. Thank you.

Your fan,



If just one of you students writes one story, my visit was worth it! I hope you stick with your writing. Itís a hard business to become published, but there is always fun in writing, published or not. I hope you become a famous writer someday! 

I hope that a lot of people buy your book because I am going to buy it. I said to my mom that I want your book for Christmas. She was very happy that I wanted a book. I wanted to know if Fernbark, the wizard, can rap?

Your fan,



I love questions like this. HmÖ I doní know if Fernbark can rap. I donít think he knows what rapping is. They donít have it yet on Gabendoor. Maybe he will be the first. That gives me something to think about. Thanks! 

I like the characters you hive in you r book. I liked that you read a chapter from your book. My favorite part of the book is when they discover the book in stone. Thank you for coming to our school to tell us about your book.




It was a treat for me to come to your school. This fan mail and ďthank youĒ mail is the best Christmas present anyone could give me. Writing the part about hiding the book was fun. I used memories of old ruins I found when I was a kid, to base it on. Thanks for your note.

Mike, thank you for coming to my school. My school really liked it and we hope to see you again and I look forward to buying your book.


Thanks, Joseph. I have been discussing coming back to work with individual classrooms at your school. It will be up to each teacher. Also, my second book will be out in a couple months. I have been talking with your school about maybe participating in a book fair or other after school event. Maybe you will see me again. It would be my honor.

February 26, 2009

Dear Mr. Blumer,

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to Merritt Creek Academy.  It was really nice to meet you.  We really appreciated it, especially when you told us about your childhood.  The part about getting an F grade when you should have gotten an A was inspiring.  You are a great speaker and we liked how your sense of humor came through in your story telling.  We have been able to enjoy it throughout your book.  It was interesting when you told about how you got the names for the characters.  The leather auto-graph book was awesome and Ms. Jouppi and Ms. Paulette even said they signed it.  We thought giving out dream slips, character pictures, door hangers, and books were generous.  We were glad that you appreciated our drawings.  The Book of Second Chances is our read out loud book and we are now starting chapter 11.  Our Class is looking forward to finishing the book and moving on to the other two books.  Good luck with getting book four done by April.

Your Number One Fans,

Madison, Sara, Matteo, Dave, Justin K., Deon, Sawyer, Damian, Jada, Justin W., Brady, Dakota, Madie, Ms. Jouppi and Ms. Schmidt