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Welcome to the series: The Secret Books of Gabendoor.

Gabendoor is a mythical world you travel to in your dreams.  You travel there by "dream-slipping."  It's a magical place with many stories waiting to be told.

Book 1: The Book of Second Chances  (Click for more)
Released Sept. 2006: O R D E R

Windslow, a boy in a wheelchair, and his stepsister, Hillary, find the magic Book of Second Chances. The book dream-slips them to Gabendoor where they battle the evil wizard, Fistlock.  Fistlock wants the book to rule Gabendoor. Hillary wants the book to change the future. Windslow wants it to change the past. The trouble is, no one knows how the book really works and the fate of Gabendoor depends on it.

Book 2: The Book of Broken Promises (Click for more)
Released October 2007: O R D E R

Hillary and Windslow receive an urgent message from their friends in Gabendoor.  Time-mists are changing Gabendoor and the ancient sprit of Gristle-tooth is free.  Gristle-tooth and the sorceress, Aghasta, rule the mists by using rogue magic from centuries of broken promises once bound in the Book of Broken Promises.  Windslow and Hillary make their own promises which only add to the book's power.  To save Gabendoor and to save themselves, they must solve the riddles that keep appearing in the book.

Book 3: The Book of Twisted Truths  (Click for More)
Released October 2008: O R D E R

This new magical book becomes more mysterious for Windslow and Hillary as they try to untangle its puzzles. Strange people in magic flying ships invade Gabendoor. They say they come in peace. But once untwisted, the truth reveals their evil intent. Hillary, Windslow, and the wizards have their own secrets, hidden by white lies and twisted words . The book's magic holds the key to stopping the invasion, but could also expose the truth about everything and everybody.  

 Book 4: The Book of Library Secrets
Released October 2011: O R D E R

Just who are the Sallyforth triplets?  In their most dangerous  adventure yet, Windslow and Hillary must stop the wizard, Dreadlore,  before someone dies. Whoever solves the ancient riddle of Gabendoor will learn the location of the Secret Library and its magic books. Whoever learns the secret of the mysterious ratStone will control the stars. The books and the magic stone both hold the power to destroy Gabendoor and to save Gabendoor. Using either one will mean death for Hillary, Windslow, or one of their companions. In their most dangerous adventure yet, the Children of the Wind race against time and the evil wizard Dreadlore. They must succeed. Back on Earth, Their motherís life depends on what they do in Gabendoor