Glossary for The Secret Books of Gabendoor

Alexis A young lady and budding artist that serves as a babysitter one night for Hillary and Windslow. [My niece, Alexis.]
Abba-dread Aghasta’s castle
Aghasta the sylph Rules the time mist. A sorceress
Amber-wraith Like natural amber but magical and attracts spirits
Angstrom Temperbone Fistlock’s assistant who renamed himself
Armygello Creature about twice the size of a rat, an armygello looks like a cross between an armadillo and an anteater. Gray plates cover its body from the top of its head to its long pointed tail. The plates open exposing dragonfly-like wings
Beatrix A flame-fluffer shadow creature in Crystal Mountain.
Bernie A trundlewarith shadow creature in Crystal Mountain.
Berryscabs The creatures that live in Dreadmore Temple.
Biffendear A wizard who stole the Book of Second Chances from Fistlock. Biffendear kept the book hidden in his cottage until he turned himself into an insect and was eaten by a frog.
Bildernick A resident of Eldervale.
Bilge-bellies Whale-like creatures that can suck up enormous amounts of water, nearly draining a body of water
Bill Summerfield Windslow’s Father, Hillary’s step-father. [My brother-in-law, Bill]
Bitterbrun Fistlock’s chamberlain.
Book of Worlds (The) A magic book. When used with a spell, it will reveal the name and details of any world in any universe.
Cedarbrook A neighboring city to the town where Hillary and Windslow live and go to school.
Charm-wood Forest A magical forest in Gabendoor.
Children of the Wind The short name for the Son of the Summer Storm and Daughter of the Mountain Breeze; the children named by the Oracle. Also known as Hillary and Windslow.
Chocola What Molly calls chocolate.
Chubbytown A village that Fistlock created to keep all the chubby people together.
Crawlers Name for a type of shadow creature.
Crystal Mountain Fistlock’s castle and home.
Curly-teeth A wild pig with tusk-like teeth that curl up out of their mouths. They can chew down a tree like a beaver
Dimbleshoot A resident of Eldervale who befriends Molly and Hillary. Dimbleshoot is married to Gilderbun.
Dreadmoor A temple, carved out of a cliff. It has one entrance at the bottom, another at the top. No one has been able to get through it in the last two hundred years. It’s haunted.
Dream-slip band A band that changes how magic flows and causes you to dream-slip.
Dream-slip Traveling to another world, universe or dimension in your sleep. Requires a dream-slip band.
Dream-snatch To have someone intercept your dream-slip and capture you.
Eldervale A village whose only inhabitants are grandparents. The village wasn’t large and looks a bit like an out of the way tourist spot. All the buildings look stooped over like most of the citizens. Whitewashed single story homes and peaked thatched roofs lined up along each side of the central town square. Behind each row of buildings is another row and another; everything arranged as if the builder used a gigantic ruler.
Fernbark One of the three wizards.
Fistlock The evil wizard who rules Gabendoor.
Flame-fluffers A type of shadow creature that blows out candles and puffs air.
Forge-Twiddlers A race of half elf, half dwarf people who constantly invent and manufacture a variety of products, most of which don’t work as expected.
Gabendoor A magical land in another universe where the story takes place.
Gaby's Magnet A horseshoe shaped magnet with red and white ends that Trish gives to Windslow. She tells a story from her youth about how the magnet is from a dream horse named Gaby that you can ride through a door where there are only sweet dreams. Surprisingly close to the name Gabendoor (Gaby’s door).
Gaby's Door A horseshoe shaped magnet with red and white ends that Trish gives to Windslow. She tells a story from her youth about how the magnet is from a dream horse named Gaby that you can ride through a door where there are only sweet dreams. Surprisingly close to the name Gabendoor (Gaby’s door).
Ganternut tree A softwood tree
Gilderbun A resident of Eldervale.
Gippleberry A dark purple berry that is used to make a very sweet jam or jelly.
Glogwart Extinct creature whose skin is used to make covers for magic books. Glogwart leather last forever.
Gloom-spinner A gentile shadow beast who likes to hide in closet corners and other dark places.
Goo A black, thick, tar-like substance that absorbs and holds magic.
Gorge-gobbler A frightful creature that looks like a ball of black shiny fur. It has bright green glowing eyes, a double row of needle teeth and ivory claws that peek out from the black fur.
Gorlon A huge creature that makes a gobbler look like cute chipmunk. The Gorlon is nearly invincible because it is created from and sustained by magic.
Granny Fiddlewish A resident of Eldervale.
Granny Gilderbun A resident of Eldervale that helps Molly and Hillary. Gilberbun is married to Dimbleshoot.
Gippleberry A fruit
Grisly-grim The swamp where the leapers are found and where Biffendear’s cottage is located.
Gristle-ghast An extinct creature whose skin was used for leather book covers. Gristle-ghast leather lasts forever. The Book of Second Chances is bound in gristle-ghast leather
Gristle-tooth Evil wizard who is a spirit
Haggerwolf One of the three retired wizards.
Hillary Windgate-Summerfield Heroine of the story. Her name comes from “Airy Hill” or “Hill Airy.”
Hillre Molly Folly Sallyforth has a little trouble pronouncing words. This is what she calls Hillary.
Hinge-hagler A shadow creature that makes hinges squeak.
Hippograff A creature unique to Gabendoor. It looks like a hippo with dragonfly wings. To make them fly, you feed them broccoli. It sits in one of their several stomachs and makes gas that puffs up its other stomachs like a helium balloon. Once full, they can fly. To land, they just burp out a bit of gas. They hardly ever crash.
Horace A hinge-haggler shadow creature in Crystal Mountain.
Jimmy A friend of Hillary
Journey-wind A swirling, tornado-like wind that swoops people up and transports them across lands, to other planets, or almost anyplace magic can take you.  A crude but effective mode of inter-dimensional travel.
Larkstone One of the three retired wizards.
Leaper(1) Name for people who love to live with and study creatures that leap. Some of my fun, hoping some readers will at first think I misspelled another word.
Leaper(2) Creatures that leap, like frogs, toads, grasshoppers, and more.
Lizzybud A resident of Eldervale.
Molly Folly Sallyforth A strange girl from Gabendoor. Her grandfather created the Book of Second Chances and was one of the greatest wizards of all time. She is one of the Sallyforth triplets. Molly sometimes tells the truth and sometimes doesn’t.
Mr. Nick Hillary’s science teacher at school. [My nephew, Nick.]
Mrs. Taralynn The principal at the school Windslow and Hillary attend. [My daughter, Tara Lynn.]
Ms. Christensen Windslow’s teacher. [My Wife who is a real teacher.]
Nelly Never Sallyforth One of the three Sallyforth triplets. Nelly always lies.
Panderflip Fistlock’s chamberlain who Fistlock turns into a trundle-wraith
Ponder-glitch One of Fistlock’s shadow beasties. They steal away your train of thought.
Sallyforth Molly, Tillie, and Nelly The three Sallyforth triplet sisters. Tillie always tells the truth. Nelly always lies. Molly sometimes tells the truth and sometimes doesn’t.
Scritch A shadow creature that moves so fast, you can’t see it. When you set something down, a scritch loves to snatch it away and hide it from you.
Scritched A term you use when something was snatched away by a Scritch.
Shadow-glump A shadow creature that prefers to hide along the edges of a dark ceiling.
Shatterbud thistle A plant
Shortyvale A village that Fistlock created to keep all the short people together.
Shutterfling A shadow creature that loves to throw open a door with a bang or fling open window shutters.
Somber wood Special wood that grows in Gabendoor that wizards make magic wands from.
Switch-lilies Plants thought to have been extinct for a hundred years or more. They grow wild around the secret Sallyforth home. If you hold a switch-lily seed under your tongue, you can make yourself look just like some other person; an easy disguise.
Tadvole  baby Bilge-bellie. They are blood suckers
Tellagain A shadow creature that makes little old men tell the same story over and over again.
The "Time Before" Refers to ancient history on Gabendoor when there were many great wizards. They crated many secret magic books and stashed them away in hidey-holes hidden by magic that no one understood. Of them all, the book of Second Chances was the most powerful and the key to finding the others.
The Sallyforth Triplets Three sisters, Molly Folly Sallyforth, Tillie Truly Sallyforth and Nelly Never Sallyforth. Molly has bristly black hair. Tillie has green hair and Nelly has orange hair.
The Spire A giant magic wand that Fistlock uses to destroy entire villages. He wields it from his tower in Crystal Mountain.
Tillie Truly Sallyforth One of the three Sallyforth triplets. Tillie always tells the truth.
Trish Windgate-Summerfield Hillary’s mother, Windslow’s stepmother. [My Sister-in-law]
Trundle-wraith Shadow creature that lives under beds.
Wartville A village that Fistlock created to keep all the people with warts together.
Windslow Summerfield The hero in the story. Windslow is in a wheelchair, the result of an accident he had, falling off a roof. His name comes from “low wind.” Wind is low.
Zipper closet A magic closet that you see as only a zipper. It provides magical access to almost anything. The tag on the back of the zipper closet reads, “Forge-Twiddler Storage, Inc.”