Dream-slipping and Dream-slip Bands

To "dream-slip" is to travel in a dream.  A dream-slip band, is a wrist band that helps you dream-slip or makes different things happen when you dream.

Inside each of us is a hidden place in our minds where a tiny bit of magic waits. When we are young, the magic helps us whenever we play make-believe. It introduces us to imaginary friends.  It sits with us at a tea parties and plays music that servants dance to or surrounds us with a castle and lets us see horses charging across a field.  So sad it seems, that as we grow older this bit of magic starts to hide, but it never goes away.  It loves to come out at night and help us with our dreams.

In the world of Gabendoor, dream-slip bands help bring that magic alive.  With a dream-slip band, that magic takes you to fantastic places like far away lands in in other dimensions or other galaxies. It takes you to on fantastic adventures while you sleep.

There are many types of dream-slip bands. A simple circular band takes you to a magical world when you fall asleep on earth.  When you fall asleep in the magical world, the dream-slip band brings you back home to the exact spot where you began your dream.  It takes you there and brings you back.

Here are some examples of different Dream-Slip Bands and how they work. I bet you could think up another version.  Sometime in the future we might have a spot on this website where you can submit the bands you invent.  For now, here are some of mine.

J. Michael Blumer


dream-slip bands. click each picture to learn more about how that band works.

Official Band

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You may have been lucky enough to receive a dream-slip band from me. I do hand them out at some book signings or even when I meet someone on the street.

If you would like an official Gabendoor Dream-Slip Band,  click above to find out how you get one of  your own.

Simple RoundBroken Simple RoundSquare Knot
Granny KnotDouble Strand OverhandDouble Strand Tied End