Forge-Twiddler Inventions, Inc.

Submitted by Fans and Readers.

From Jordan G. -- A Peaceful Bomb. When when this bomb explodes, any evil with in 9,000 miles will automatically be turned to good.

From Ben H. -- Clean Sweep. It is a broom with a dustpan glued to the handle so you always have it with you. The only problem is that the dustpan is glued to the handle so you would need two to use it.

Another of my favorites we made up is the recliner with refrigerator under the seat so you don't have to get up to get a drink when you are in the middle of your favorite show but the problem is, you have to get up to get a drink from under your seat. (Now my sister if mad at me because she was going to use that one).

We have a top useless invention list because one of the things my sister and I do, with my mom, is make up useless inventions like these. We've done it always. We think of completely random things and try to squish them together to make something completely useless. But... you are my mom's uncle. Did she get that idea from you? It's something we do in long lines at the grocery store too!

Three more from Casey H.

-- Time Gobbler: A creature that has taken over your clocks and slows them down when you are doing boring things like trying to fall asleep or something.

-- Fickle Flicker: This is a child proof match so parents don't have to worry their kids will burn their house down. No matter how much they try, no one can light them.

-- Refridgilater: Keeps leftovers good longer by keeping the door permanently closed so warm air never gets in.