The Secret Library

The Secret Library is a special place for a few wonderful readers and special groups. Some of the areas require passwords to enter because members are reviewing unpublished chapters or whole manuscripts for me. Enjoy your visit. There are many secrets in the library.

Welcome Waite Park!  Click the paw print.

Past Members


"Tween" writing workshop members, you were so amazing!


Marine Elementary what a cool group! Wow, how I love working with the Marine students and teachers!


Another fun year working with the 3rd - 6th grade writers.  So many excellent writers and fun stories from all of you!
Rutherford Elementary School.  You were all awesome!

Merritt Creek Academy!  Wow, thanks. See some of your drawings.  Click the picture <--

Homecroft  Hornets  in Duluth

Entrance to the Secret Library of Gabendoor

 The Book Factory and Book Busters Book Clubs, in Australia.

Valley View Elementary - some pictures from this year's visit.

Plum Creek Library System and Entrants in the Young Writers' Contest!
Click the young lady at the computer to see the group photo!

Immaculate Heart of Mary -St. Luke's

Coon Rapids Northdale Middle School

Elk River High School, Creative Writing Class and Writers Club

 Book Busters 2 - The new Australian Group That Rocks!

Capitol Hill Elementary

Sun Path Elementary