The universe holds many stars. Some hold worlds revolving slow and lazily about them. These stars or suns do have worlds, but few worlds hold life and fewer yet know magic, as does the world in this story. The magic began with the Elementals. Mother Earth came first, followed soon by those that held dominion over water, air, and fire. Sprites came later, to help the fairies shape and tend to all the beasts, plants, and other living things. 
On one day, the sun gazed down to and let his rays filter through tiny rain drops, left by the wind elemental, and tossed about by air. The lovely rainbow colors were his delight. He knew without his light they would not blaze across the sky. Too much sunlight would turn them to wisps of white.  Too much white already covered things, like a show that never melted. Plants were shades of green, pale blues and muted browns. Sandstone, granite and all the rocks held some color. But even golds and blacks were colors of the earth.  The sun longed for vibrant colors, rich colors. Rainbows were nice but too pastel. Colors from the leaves, when they readied to fall and return to the earth, were dusty red and dusty yellow. The sun envied Delos, the moon. The moon’s role was minor, barely useful, and insignificant, thought the Sun. He pouted, jealous that Delos only had to reflect sunlight, his sunlight, back to the world to make a few nights less dark. And for that, his reward was to view the brilliance from the cave of crystals. It was something Delos could only do once each season when all was in alignment. It was something Adlena, a mere sprite, had promised Delos.
The sun burned and raged briefly flaring. He quickly calmed, knowing the damage his flairs could cause. Smiling, he settled back anticipating the show of colors he would soon see as his breath upon the world create the turquoise, rose, and blue northern lights. Alignment would happen soon. He would wait and watch too. Delos would not be the only one to enjoy colors of Adlena’s cave.
Airis, goddess of the rainbow, had many discussions, some would say arguments about her daughter, Adlena’s, cave of crystals. Adlena guarded the cave’s location, keeping it secret for Delos. Airis had passed her “rainbow touch” abilities to Adlena at birth. Indeed, it was that ability that allowed Adlena to light up the crystals in the cave whose light Delos so loved. Adlena finally relented and led her mother to the cave. Inside, they waited for aliment of the sun, the moon, and the cave. It would happen that night, the night of the crystal moon at winter solstice.
The sun also waited, knowing the planet would block his view of the cave, but not of Delos. Delos as he promised Adlena, would reflect sunlight to the crystals. Adlena would use her aura, given to her by her mother, to help beam the refracted brilliance back to Delos.
The moonlight suddenly lit the crystals as Adlena spread her aura. Airis danced and sang, her arms held high reveling in the marvelous colors. Airis thought of the colorless flowers, the bleak meadows, even the stark coral in the ocean. Taking a deep breath, Airis stopped her daughter’s aura. The colored lights reminded but scattered themselves about the cave. Delos cried out. The sun flared.  Northern lights raced across the dark sky.
“What have you done,” Delos and the sun called out together, their voices resonating in Airis’s mind. 
“Bring back the lights!” The sun bellowed.
“No,” Airis screamed.  “They aren’t yours. Yours either, Delos. They belong to the crystals, and they belong to Mother Earth.  The Northern Lights aren’t yours either, Sun.  They’re the product of your rage. They are in Air’s domain. Leaves turn color because our world moves farther away from you once each season. And my rainbows? You just give light for water crystals in the air.”
“Turn them back on,” the sun commanded!
Adlena raised her arm. Airis motioned her to lower it.  When Adlena tried to speak, Airis stopped her. 
“I might,” Airis said, her voice loud and confident.
“Who are you to give demands to me, the sun?”
“I’ve learned from my daughter,” Airis said, and flashed Adlena a smile. Turning back to the heavens, she continued. Her face stern, her hands on her hips. I have much I can give you, to Delos and everyone. There is hardly anything I want in return.”
“Me give something to you? Ha.”
“Yes, and in return, you get color.” Airis released her grip on her daughter’s arm and nodded. Beautiful colors streamed once more, upward through the opening in the cavern.
Airis closed her eyes and concentrated. Her aura joined with her daughter’s. The colors intensified, their hew deepened and spread.
“Have Mother earth give me the magic of color. I promise to use it with flowers. Imagine red, yellow, or pink roses. Violets that live up to their name.  Oceans of flowers in every color you can think of and maybe some that are new. It will all be there for you. You can see them in daytime. You can enjoy them in your sunshine.  I promise you. Not just the flowers, I will color this world.”
“Agreed,” The sun said softly and smiled. “You were already Princess of the Rainbow. Now and forever more, you are Sprite of the Flowers and all that blooms.