Yes books are free  but it would be nice if yoy sent me a quick note., I'm curious who my readers are.

Here you’ll find lots of FREE BOOKS and other writing. Keep in mind, I do like to make a little money selling my books, but also like giving them away to people like you. So… help yourself, but please let me be the one who gives invitations. To help you decide where to start:


 The Secret Books of Gabendoor series has four books. Although you should read book 1 first,you don’t need to read them in order. Each book is a separate adventure. The main characters are “tweens” making this an official“YA - young adult” series. As a side note, more adults read YA than young adults. The Gabendoor series is more Harry Potter-ish.


 The Amerath series is what is called an “Epic Fantasy.” There are 4 finished books and I’m working on book 5. It’s one long storyand will probably end at book 6. It’s more Lord of the Ring-ish.


Because I like to write and because I do have some friends, I’ve had fun writing them into the Amerath series. I wrote most ofthem as main characters in side stories or back stories and put them into the Amerath Companion book. They also "bugged" me to write down some of my many "memoir" tales. So I am, over at The Drollery Pub


 You can purchase ebooks from Amazon, in the Kindle Reader format, online at Amazon's website. You can purchase paperback versions directly from me. I'd be happy to personalize them with my signature. I also include one or more "Dream-Slip"wristbands which are featured in my Gabendoor stories. The wristbands are free with book orders from me. If you purchase a book fromAmazon or download one for free you can purchase just the wrist band from me. A signed book and wristband make a great gift.To order from me, start by sending me an email. I accept PayPal. Free downloads are in the Adobe Acrobat Reader format.


That’s it… Happy browsing and reading. I always like comments and/or feedback.