My Shadow Creatures

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Creature Name & Description

  • Banter Buts: Switch things to small talk. You want to have a good conversation, but the person you are talking to will only make small talk. Chances are they are haunted by a Banter But.

  • Buggermuts: They don’t bother humans but make dogs howl and whine when there is nothing there.

  • Bump-thumpers: Make bumping sounds, knocking sounds. More cousins to the Scrapes and Skittles and Scrape Sliders.

  • Crawlers: Things that crawl across the floor, or so we think. Shapes move and catch our attention. When we look, there is nothing there.

  • Creeping-cracks: Make floorboards squeak on dark stormy nights.

  • Fluffers: Make candles and other flames flicker even when there isn’t a wind.

  • Gloom-spinner: Lives in dark spaces like closets. They make us uneasy opening a dark closet or reaching into the dark spaces behind boxes.

  • Hair Pricklers: Make your hair stand up.

  • Hinge-hagglers: Make hinges squeak even if you just oiled them.

  • Hobnobler: Orchestrates the combined harassment of sounds by some of the above. Like an orchestra conductor for the night sounds.

  • Name-muddler: When you thought you heard someone call your name, but no one was there, it was a Name-muddler calling out to tease you.

  • Ponder-glitch: Steals away your train of though. You were talking about something and were interrupted. You try to continue with what you were talking about but can’t. A Thought Thief is the culprit.

  • Scrape Sliders: They make scraping sounds, like a chair moving across the floor. They are the larger cousins to the Scrapes and Skittles.

  • Scrapes and Skittles: Small creatures we can’t see. They make quick sounds that are always changing. When we think we hear something in the dark, it’s probably a Scrape or Skittle having fun with us.

  • Scream-scritcher: Steals your scream so you can’t make a sound.

  • Scritch: To snatch something away while you take your eyes away. You stop writing and put your pencil down. A second later it’s gone, and you can’t find it. The scritch took it. The pencil was scritched.

  • Shadow-glumps: Shapes in shadows and corners. They are shapes we see out of the corners of our eyes. When we look quickly, me might see a shape we think we recognize, like a small animal or rodent. A closer look sees only shadows.

  • Shutterfling: Throw open doors and shutters.

  • Sweat-gliggers: Make your palms sweat.

  • Tellagain: Tellagains are very annoying. They make little old men repeat the same old stories over and over again, no matter how many times we’ve heard them.  The love to sit invisibly on the shoulders of grandpas and uncles.

  • Thumb-bumpers: Make your heart beat fast

  • Trundle-wraith: Lives under beds. It’s the shadow creature that makes sleepers afraid to dangle their hand down, afraid something might grab it.