The Gabendoor stories are about the adventures of a stepsister and stepbrother. Windslow's dad, Bill married Hillarie's mother, Trish. Bill's wife had died when Windslow was young. Trish was divorced when she met Bill. Hillary is a year older than Windslow, who is in a wheelchair. He broke his back in an unfortunate accident. Stepbrother and sister find a magic book that had been hidden away by three wizards who came to Earth to keep the book safe. Of course, the brother and sister team," The Children of the Wind," find the book and two magic wrist bands that transport the pair to the world of Gabendoor each night in their sleep (astro travel). In Gabendoor they team up with the three wizards for their battle against the evil wizard, Fistlock. 

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The Book of Second Chances

Book 1.

"A great book for young adults,teens, and early chapter readers.A fun book for parents to read with their children. Our book club loved it!"

--Melissa Richards,
Librarian, Queensland Australia

Fistlock, the villain in book 1 has some shadow creatures. They are harmless but annoying. Like the one that lives under your bed or the Tellagain. The tellagain primarily haunts older men and makes them repeat the same stories over and over again. Readers have sent me their own shadow creatures. Click the button to read them. Readers also email me their magic spells. Take a look.

Book 2


Hillary and Windslow return to Gabendoor to save it from the wizard Gristle-tooth and his time-mists. His spirit is free, and his time-mists will end all life. Magic helps Hillary and Windslow dream-slip back to Gabendoor to battle the wizard Gristle-tooth and his assistant, Aghasta, for The Book of Broken Promises. No one understands the secrets in the book or which promised to keep and which to break. One wrong choice and the Book will grant Gristle-tooth's promise to destroy everything. Join the Children of the Summer Wind on their second adventure in Gabendoor along with their three wizard friends and the Sallyforth triplets. Dream-slip across time and space to the world of Gabendoor. Continue the incredible saga that began in The Book of Second Chances.

Book 3


With their mother traveling to Gabendoor, Windslow and Hillary must weave white lies that could cost lives. The truth reveals her startling secrets. A third magic book from the Secret Library summons Hillary and Windslow, the Children of the Wind, back to the world of Gabendoor to stop an invasion. Life becomes complicated when their mother, Trish, "dream-slips" into the middle of their adventure. Trish thinks she's going crazy,  and reveals twisted truths from her childhood that link her to Gabendoor. It's up to the Children of the Wind to unravel that link and solve the mysteries of the magic book. Without the book, truths will stay hidden. Without the truth, Gabendoor will go to war. With war, many could die, including the Children of the Wind and their mother.

Book 4


Just who are the Sallyforth triplets?  In their most dangerous adventure yet, Windslow and Hillary must stop the wizard, Dreadlore, before someone dies. Whoever solves the ancient riddle of Gabendoor will learn the location of the Secret Library and its magic books. Whoever learns the secret of the mysterious ratStone will control the stars. The books and the magic stone both hold the power to destroy Gabendoor and to save Gabendoor. Using either one will mean death for Hillary, Windslow, or one of their companions. In their most dangerous adventure yet, the Children of the Wind race against time and the evil wizard Dreadlore. They must succeed. Back on Earth, Their mother’s life depends on what they do in Gabendoor

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