The Creation Stories 

"Inspired by Friends"


Writing is an enjoyable creative outlet and sometimes just a bunch of fun. I have a many friends at Ingredients Cafe and Restaurant in White Bear Lake Minnesota. The enclosed stories are for them. The Creation stories don’t appear in my Amerath series, but are mentioned by Amerath characters. They aren’t very long, but were fun to puzzle out and write. Each main character is someone from Ingredients. Here’s who they are.


Alcea, The Guardian Sprite:  Rebecca

Adlena, Sprite of the Crystals:  Bri

Airis, The Flower Sprite:  Bri’s mom, Micky

Aindris, The Music Sprite:  Josie     

Meret, Princess of Music:  James’ Mother

Jorah, Sheet Music Sprite:  James

Joren, Music Instrument Sprite:  James’ Brother

Merissa, Unicorn Sprite:  James’ Daughter

Tala, Healing Sprite:  Josie’s Grandmother

Maia, Guardian Princwss: Maya