Other Great Writing
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This section is for my reader fans to show off some of their writing. It can be a story, a poem or about anything else.

I will have to check everything to make sure it's appropriate. Sorry, but I have the final say about what shows up and what doesn't but want to include as much as I can.

Once you submit something, it may be a few days before I post it. Do as much for me as you can. Pretend you are submitting it to a publisher. You want everything to be as perfect as you can for formatting. Check your spelling. Look for missing punctuation. Check some things with your parents or teacher if you aren't sure. They can be a great help. That's the kind of thing I have to do all the time with my writing.

Get permission from your parents. I really want them to email me and say it's okay. Don't just say they said it was fine.  Also, I will not use last names. We all need to care about internet safety!  Hey, it's my place so I get to make up the rules! To submit something, use my email. You can send the text or send an attachment!

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by Ben 01/26/2007
Ode to PB&J
by Ben 01/26/2007
Nancey & Charlotte`s Jungle Fever
 by Jillian S. 12/13/2006
Oreo wants attention
by Ben 01/26/2007