Meet the Characters

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Windslow Summerfield

Hi. Iím Windslow. Iím twelve, the same age as Hillary but weíre not twins or anything. Sheís my step-sis. Dad married Hillaryís mom about two years ago. Hillaryís cool, even though she is a girl. Sometimes she gets bossy because sheís a couple months older than me. Gabendoor is really cool! Iím the one that figured everything out ĖI mean all about dream-slipping and stuff. At first I hated being in this wheelchair, but now itís not so bad. I can almost do more stuff, you know, like different stuff, than I could before. Iím in this dumb chair because I fell off the roof of our house and hurt my back. But itís okay. I hate people feeling sorry for me. Our adventure in Gabendoor was awesome! Youíve got to read about it.

Hillary Windgate-Summerfield

My name is Hillary Windgate-Summerfield. I was Hillary Windgate before mom married Windslowís dad. Itís so nice to meet you. Iím nearly thirteen and Iím three months older than my kid stepbrother. He can be a jerk sometimes when he tries to boss me around and I hate it when he acts goofy around my friends. We make a pretty good team in Gabendoor. I had to figure most things out. I really love science and especially math. Science and math helped me a lot in Gabendoor. I made some really good friends there too. Molly Folly Sallyforth and I are almost like sisters. I miss her.


As if it matters to you, my name is Fistlock. Yes, just Fistlock Ėno middle name, or last, or first name. I rule Gabendoor and can be anything, anyone, or call myself whatever I want. Iím the greatest wizard there has ever been. I hate those meddlesome children from earth. Even now, Iím working on ways to eliminate them permanently.


Molly Folly Sallyforth

Hey! I Molly Folly Sallyforth. Who you? I glad a-meet you. Gabendoor some fun place a-be. I like all-a people there, specially my boyfriend, Windso and best girlfriend, Hillre. I got sisters and we twins. My sister, Tillie and I twins. My sister, Nelly, and I twins. They twins too! We all-a three twins. Our Grampy Sallyforth write the Book of Second Chances. We know all about it.



HumphÖ AhÖ Well I guess I should just be direct. My name is Haggerwolf. Iím a little over one hundred years old. I was a great wizard in my time. I guess I still am, but I retired a long time ago when all the younger wizards started running things. Well, theyíre all gone now and Iím still here. Fistlock did away with them. So I guess Iím only semi-retired now. I might be a little out of practice, but I can still match magic with anyone.



Ha! Semi-retired? We had to come out of retirement. Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. Fernbark here. Good to meet you. Haggerwolf is our leader, I guess. He only is leader because someone has to be and I donít want the job. Haggerwolf has a way with animals. Iím pretty good with plants. Youíll meet Larkstone next. Heís good with things associated water or the ocean. We were something in our day. We made a good team of wizards. I guess we still do make a good team. It doesnít matter much, other than Fistlock, weíre the only wizards left in Gabendoor.



Iím Larkstone. Yep, Iím one of the three old fogies that still call ourselves wizards. Actually weíll always be wizards. The hard part is to keep from being three washed up old useless wizards. We almost became that. I feel useful again thanks to Hillary and Windslow. I think my other two wizard friends would agree with me if theyíd stop trying to act tough and grumpy all the time. Maybe they need more rest. With that cursed book on the loose, nobody will get any sleep. The book is too dangerous.



Bitterbrun at your service. So good to make your acquaintance. Officially Iím Fistlockís chamberlain. Heís not very nice to me. Some day Iíll show him ĖIíll show everyone. Iím not a fool. I have more brains in the wart on my nose than anyone else has in their whole head or arms orÖ orÖ Anyway, all the others had better watch out. You better watch out too unless you want to be my friend. Do you? Iíd like you to be my friend. I donít have very many. We could do some things together and have fun. You could get a dream-slip band and come to Gabendoor. We could do lots of things together Ėreally!

Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain is the name of Fistlock's castle. As its name suggests, his castle is made of natural crystal that rises from the side of a small mountain in Gabendoor. Generations ago, wizards mined out the inside of the crystal formation to create a great university.  When Fistlock got rid of all the young wizards, he took over the university and made it his stronghold. Click on the picture for a larger view.



Eldervale is a city Fistlock created. He moved all the grandfathers and grandmothers there, taking them away from their families. He made all the houses the same; whitewashed walls and thatched roofs. After the residents defeated Fistlock's army, they set to work remodeling their homes. New roofs and paint were the first changes. This home belongs to Granny Gilderbrun. Click on the picture for a larger view.