Broken Simple Round Dream-Slip Band

The flow of magic is the key to all dream-slipping.  In the simple round dream-slip band the magic goes round and round in a circle. It takes you there and takes you back, takes you there and takes you back.

But if you break it!  In a round band, the magic flows round and round and round. In a broken band, the magic flows around and spills out the broken end. Some of it jumps across the gap and gets back in the other broken end of the band. Soon, all the magic is floating all over the outside of the band. In Gabendoor and with a Gabendoor dream-slip band, all stray or wild magic goes to Abba-dread. Abba-dread is Aghasta's land inside the time mist.  If you break your band, you may dream-slip there.  The second book in the series, The Book of Broken Promises, is all about the time mist. 

Coming in 2007 (maybe earlier)

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