Double Strand Overhand Dream-Slip Band

The flow of magic is the key to all dream-slipping.  In the simple round dream-slip band the magic goes round and round in a circle. It takes you there and takes you back, takes you there and takes you back.

Wow, now here is a more complicated knot.  If you follow the strand, it's one long piece.  This dream-slip band will take you twice as far, to places that are hard to reach with a simple band. They are for travelers with great and wonderful imaginations only!  Use and dream at your own risk. You might even dream your way into a science fiction adventure with one like this.

But be careful!  If the knot isn't neatly tied, the magic can get all confused. You could end up at a random place each time you dream-slip. Each time it could be a different world or dimension. Maybe you'd have a series of short adventures in lots of places.

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