Double Strand Tied End Dream-Slip Band

By now you get the idea behind dream-slip bands. But, yikes!  This one takes a bit of study.

There are two strands. One is light gray and the other dark. Look at the ends. You can tie the light ends together and the dark ends together.  Magic flows around and around each band. Twice the power!  Maybe you could dream-slip your whole bedroom with this one.

Look at the ends again. You could tie light to dark and dark to light. Then what happens? You have one very long strand. And, hmm... What if both knots are square or both granny or one square and one granny. Someone needs to try this one out and let me know what happens. 

You can also tie overhand knots in the middle of any strand dream-slip band. That gives different results depending on how you tie the knots. Some of these mid-knot dream-slip bands are important parts of The Book of Broken Promises.

You'll have to wait for it (summer 2007 or earlier) to find out.

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