Square Knot Dream-Slip Band

The flow of magic is the key to all dream-slipping.  In the simple round dream-slip band the magic goes round and round in a circle. It takes you there and takes you back, takes you there and takes you back.

Sometimes a band can break or you might break it on purpose or even make it from some type of string or thong. If you tie the ends together, the band will work. The magic won't spill out.

How you tie the knot will make a difference. Study the knot picture closely. See that the two ends are both on the same side of the knot.  This is how a square knot looks.

The magic flows around until it twists and turns through the knot. This slows it down and keeps you from ending up exactly in the same place on your dream-slip.  As the magic goes through the knot, it might speed up too!  You never know about magic. A dream-slip band with this type of knot is close to a nice circle band.  It is a little unpredictable but will always get you close to home or close to where your adventure paused when you woke up at home.

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