Forge-Twiddler Products

Forge-Twiddlers are a race of dwarves that live on an island in Gabendoor. They invent and manufacture a large variety of products.

Some of their products work just fine. Some products don't work the way you think they might. Others just don't work at all. Still more aren't thought out too well. For example, take a look at their locks and keys.

Locks and Keys

Forge-Twiddler locks are very strong. There has rarely been a case of someone breaking or picking open a genuine Forge-Twiddler lock.  Their keys to break. They break often. The Forge-Twidlers came up with a simple solution. Every lock they make works with any key, not just one of their keys. The Twiddlers advertise this as a great convenience. If you can't find your key, simply find another key.  If you can't find another key, make a key out of just about anything. Try your handmaid key in one of their locks. The Forge-Twiddlers guarantee it will work!

Reversible Paint

This is truly a great invention, unless you aren't careful with how you put the lid on one of their paint cans. Reversible Paint is a very high quality paint. One coat covers almost anything. It dries fast and is very easy to clean up --almost too easy.  You see, if you put the lid back on the paint can in the normal way, everything is fine. The paint will last almost forever. But, if you put the lid on upside-down, the paint disappears. It's a great way to clean up a big mess. It's also a fun way to change the color of something for just a day or two. The problem is, if you put the lid on upside-down, then anything and everything you ever painted with paint from that can will change.  The paint will disappear.  Poof --everything is back to its old color.

Are You a Forge-Twiddler?

You might be related to a Forge-Twiddler. Perhaps your great, great, great, great great grandmother or grandfather was a Forge-Twiddler.  The way to find out is to try to come up with a product that you thing a Forge-Twiddler would make.  Name your product and describe how it works. Use the form, below, and post it here on the website.

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