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World Building --A Tremendous Responsibility and a Lot of Fun

Wow... each time I make up a story in a new land, I have to build the world first.  It could be an awesome responsibility naming everything, deciding what the plants look like, and figuring out if the birds fly upside down and backwards or some other way. But it can also be loads of fun too. That's what is is for me. I don't build the whole world all at once. It develops as I write the story. At some point I have to draw a map, remember what I called everything, and write some notes about any new plant or animal I invented.

Gabendoor is a big place. The Book of Second Chances takes place in a fairly small part of Gabendoor. You can click on the icons or "link words," below to learn about some of the details of Gabendoor.  Some of what you find might even be from book 2.  The world will be growing in detail, so stop back often.

Click the map for a larger view.


Click to see an "inset" from the main map. The inset shows some of the places from The Book of Second Chances.

  Would you like to meet some of the characters? Click Molly Folly Sallyforth. She's a very special person in all the books. Molly is one of three triplet sisters. Nelly Never Sallyforth never tells the truth. Tillile Truely Sallyforth always tells the truth. Molly sometimes does and sometimes doesn't.

The Other Side of Gabendoor

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Preview Book 2 Images

Above is the main continent. If you look at it upside down, does it look like something? Maybe like a dra_ _ _?

Another continent shows up, pictured to the left. What does it remind you of?