For Fun

Shadow Creatures -- All about them and a chance to name your own.

One thing I like about writing fantasy is that I can make up anything I want as an author. I had a lot of fun creating the shadow creatures for the story. My personal favorite is the Tellagain. Click here to learn all about the shadow creatures. I even have a section where you can create your own shadow creature.

Dream-slipping -- Dream-slipping bands and how they work.

At the heart of this story is the ability to travel in your dreams to new and wonderful places. In the Book of Second Chances, the characters use small writs bands to dream-slip. In this story, there are only two bands used. In the next book, The Book of Broken Promises, I introduce even more types of dream-slip bands. Click here to learn all about dream-slip bands. You can also submit your ideas for bands or even pictures of one you have created.

Forge-Twiddlers -- Forge-Twiddlers are a race of dwarves that invent and create.

Forge-Twiddlers make many things in Gabendoor. Most of what they manufacture doesn't work all that well or can work unexpectedly.

Click here to see some of their products. Maybe you'd like to think up something you think a Forge-Twiddler made.

Wizards Take Note!  Post a Riddle or Spell --- Read What Others Posted

Are you part wizard and and a wiz (small pun) at spells? One student at Elk River High School is, or thinks he is --you decide. Read his idea for a spell that is a reverse of the spells in book one, "The Book of Second Chances." Click here to see the spells and riddles from The Book of Second Chances. Click here (soon) for the spells and riddles from book two, The Book of Broken Promises, out around March this year. Click here, to read the spells submitted by others and finally, (a lot of clicking) click here to submit your spell.